Car rental in UAE for the Coolest winter drive

30th December 2022

Car rental in UAE for the Coolest winter drive

During the winter, driving in the UAE can be a fulfilling experience. Even though UAE is a predominantly warm country with difficult summer months, winters here can give a soothing experience both for the residents and for the travellers alike.

The winters in UAE are not very chilling and severe like in many northernmost countries of the world. The mild winters will encourage you to get out of your house often, pack your bags, and go for a long drive, or a few days on the road with your near and dear ones.

The ideal transportation modes for such drives could be car rentals. For those visiting UAE during the winter months from outside the country, car rental in UAE is the most suited mode of travel. If you are planning just for a weekend drive or a getaway for a few days, car rental services can help you plan your trip too.

There are many beautiful getaways and tour destinations in and around UAE that you can include in your short or long trip in the winter. These destinations are especially suited for the winter to give you a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for the whole year ahead.

Do not forget to include these top 10 places in your tour checklist, before we highlight the car rental tips for the winter for you-

1- Snoopy Island, Dubai
2- Al Ain world heritage site
3- Hatta Dam, Dubai
4- Fossil Dunes, Abu Dhabi
5- Jebel Jais peak, Ras Al Khaimah
6- Wadi Ghalilah, Ras Al Khaimah
7- Um Al Quwain Wetlands
8- Al Rafisah Dam, Khor Fakkan
9- Al Wathba Wetland Reserve, Abu Dhabi
10- Masfout, Ajman

These sites in UAE are picturesque and especially beautiful and comforting to visit during the winter. They offer a wide range of nature’s beauty from dunes to rocks, beaches, valleys, and even a glimpse of migratory pink flamingos for a treat for the eye.

Driving a rental car to catch all this beauty and get the most out of your travel is ideally recommended. Rental cars are hassle-free and easy to book, use, and return. Car rental in UAE also provides you with tour maps, and travel guides and one can choose among the many variants and styles of vehicles too. UAE has many rental car services and agencies spread all around to suit the needs of the client. To choose the right car rental services here are a few handy tips, especially during the winter season.

Plan well in advance
During the winter times, the UAE is thronged by many tourists. The footfalls in tourist destinations increase during this time. The rental car services also do well during this time. It is always better to plan your travel and do the car rental agency bookings before you reach here. You can select the most suited rental company based on your requirements and you could also plan for long-term weekly or monthly bookings if done in advance too.

Know the roads and routes
Car rental services can help you with your driving plans and guide you with road and weather conditions. Before starting your rental car, talk to your rental agency and get to know about the changes in weather conditions and about the routes you will be taking. The extreme foggy air reduces visibility in the early mornings and late evenings in UAE during the winter season. Check if the fog lights, headlamps, and indicator lights are in perfect working condition. Make a note of the weather conditions in places you will be visiting during these times.

Understand the traffic and parking rules
The traffic and parking rules in UAE may be different. If you are in Dubai the parking rules changes based on the day. Equally important is the toll payment information that one should know about. In the winter safe driving must be the priority. Changing lanes in adverse weather is not recommended and must be avoided. Get all the necessary information from your car rental in UAE about the traffic rules, parking rules, details about highways with multiple lanes, and any specific winter driving instructions issued.

Choose the ideal car
In UAE there are many car rental companies. Most companies have a fleet of different cars in all variants. If you are travelling alone, a small car with winter driving necessities would suffice. But if you are travelling with your family or a group, bigger cars with necessary safety measures, and large luggage space and leg space would be a must. Equally important will be the inside comfort of the vehicle for adverse weather and long drives ahead. Book your vehicle in advance to get the best choice.

For the coolest winter drive in UAE, rental cars can be greatly relied on. You can avoid all the hassles of using your car and being mindful of every small thing during the trip and can have a comfortable and easy drive with family and friends in a rental car. If you are a tourist, a car rental in UAE is the best way to be on the road and get the best of all the beauty and charm of visiting the best places in and around here.

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