Renting the right car for your road trip

20th February 2024

Renting the right car for your road trip


Renting the right car for your road trip


Road tripping, whether solo or with loved ones, is always a fun and exciting experience - as long as you have the right car. Car rentals can open up various possibilities for making your trip the best it can be. However, there are various factors to consider in picking the right rental car for your journey. Here is an essential checklist to get you started:

The journey

Depending on the kind of road trip you are looking to embark upon, be it a city break or an offroading adventure or a romantic getaway, the experience of your journey can be enhanced through various parameters, like maneuverability, automatic vs manual, engine power, ground clearance and terrain control, among many others which can determine the ideal vehicle for your road trip.

Who is coming along?

Size and passenger capacity is one of the first aspects to be anticipated in choosing the right rental car for your road trip. Depending on who is coming along, you can choose from a range of models including Economy/Compact, Mid-size or Full-size/SUV.

What about mileage?

It would be prudent to map out the distance of your journey and get an estimate for your fuel requirement so it does not make a significant dent to your overall budget. Match the desired fuel efficiency with the mileage of the various car options available to make a choice that fits with your pocket.

Luggage space

Get an idea of all the luggage you would like to carry for yourself or your co-passengers, in order to choose a rental car with sufficient luggage space for your journey. 

Roadside assistance & insurance

Assess the various protection coverages available with your car rental package for insurance and roadside assistance, to make a choice that helps you enjoy your journey with peace of mind.

Finally, the driving experience

Renting a car gives you an opportunity to enjoy driving a vehicle that you may love to own but may not be able to afford. So despite all the above factors mentioned earlier, if you crave to experience an extended drive with your dream vehicle then go for it and enjoy the journey.

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