Top Road-Trips to Explore in UAE with your Rental Car

10th September 2020

Top Road-Trips to Explore in UAE with your Rental Car

One of the best places for a road-trip would be Ras Al Khaimah in UAE with your rented car. It is the most exquisite, historic northern emirate which is known for its beautiful mountains with several activities lined up especially for adventure-junkies. Approximately, 113 kilometers from Dubai and 300 kilometers from Abu Dhabi, it has an amazing landscape of endless dunes and wonderful green spaces. It is a perfect destination for people seeking for some firsthand nature exposure. It is a treat to drive along the roads in the rented cars away from the hustle and bustle of the busier emirates of Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi.  A line up of beach resorts in Ras Al Khaimah entices anyone and everyone to visit and drive through the beautiful roads with the rented cars without any second thoughts. Activities include horse riding, fishing, paragliding, golfing. You can also enjoy the pure wilderness of the Arabian deserts with exclusive, authentic camps with lavish dinners. Ras Al Khaimah is also known for its popular hiking spots. Jebel Ali, tallest mountain in the country, is in Ras Al Khaimah. One of the key features of the place is the record that it holds for having the longest zip-line, Jebel Jais Flight, where you can soar across the mountains in an aerial adventure unlike any other.

Another place to explore would be Fujairah, which is also known as the diving paradise for its amazing scenic routes, spectacular views and surprise sightings of herds and wild camels. Fujairah is located on the coastline bordering the Gulf of Oman. Some of the activities that are popular in Fujairah are marine clubs, beach resorts, fishing, sailing, diving, and snorkeling. Some of the best roads in the UAE lead to Fujairah, for driving enthusiasts it is the best adventure ride that you can experience in your rented car. Some of the popular attractions at Fujairah include, Snoopy Island, Sandy Beach and Khor Fakkan. The popular resorts in Fujairah also offer activity packages for guests to try out which include deep-sea diving, snorkeling and many more. For hiking and trekking enthusiasts, Wadi Waruyah is in the Hajjar Mountains which is known to be the Grand Canyon of the UAE.

Third on the list is Al Ain, also famously known as the Garden City. The name itself of the place comes from its abundance of natural oases, lush greenery and springs which are complemented by a majestic mountainous backdrop. Al Ain comes with a rich history for those seeking the thrill in understanding the history of UAE would love to visit Al Ain in their rental car through the beautiful roads with eternal scenic views. One of the largest man-made white-water channels in addition to super-sized surf pool known as the Wadi Adventure is in Al Ain. Adding to the endless list of adventures, Al Ain has the nation’s first curated UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is located alongside a 3,000-year-old irrigation system which will leave you awestruck. For all those wildlife thrill seekers, add Al Ain Zoo to your itinerary where you can also experience a safari and see everything from lions, giraffes, and deer to Arabian oryx up close.

Coming to the smaller emirates, we have Umm Al Quwain which has a tour to islands. The emirate is known for your its blissful roads, perfect to drive your rental car in peace. It is gifted with scenic landscapes and alluring natural reserves. Surrounded by plenty of gorgeous islands near Umm Al Quwain coast, it is the perfect location for a peaceful gathering of family friends. The most popular island is called Al Sinniyah Island. The entire emirate itself is known for its beautiful sunsets by the beaches as you drive to the beach in your rented car. Some of the other popular attractions in the emirate are Umm Al Quwain National Museum, Umm Al Quwain Fort and Falaj Al Mualla Fort, Dreamland Aqua Park – one of the biggest waterparks in the UAE.

Located on the Oman border and a short drive from Dubai, a road trip in your rented car to Hatta is one of the most time-honoured ways of celebrating long weekends in the city with your family and friends. Gorgeous landscapes, blissful mountains, kayaking trips, beautiful picnic spots and picturesque hotels and resorts, add an amazing touch of adventure to road trips to Hatta. Hatta Dam which is situated at the foothills of Hajjar Mountains is popular attraction spot for kayaking, paddle-boarding, or swimming in the sparkling turquoise waters. Another spotlight would be the Hatta Heritage Village which dates to almost 3,000 years, goldmine for adventurers and explorers. Hatta also includes an adventure sports activity known as the Wadi Hub Centre. Encompassing some of the best mountain views and winding routes, Hatta is one of the most popular road trip destinations in the UAE.

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