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20th February 2024

Fuel-Efficient <br> Car Rentals

Opting for a car rental is an important decision especially when you are travelling abroad. For travellers in the Bahrain, car rental provides a very affordable solution for frequent travel inside the country and between different emirates.

Car rental services have become a reliable source of travel for those travelling to the country for business or personal reasons. Not all places in the Bahrain are connected by public transport.

Visiting many places within a short period, and reaching remote localities and the outskirts of any emirate becomes easy with a rental car.

Car rental in Bahrain provides efficient services with rental agencies having opened branches, satellite offices, and depots in major towns.

But picking up the right service and selecting the right rental plan is essential to have an enjoyable rental and driving experience. It is equally important to select a fuel-efficient vehicle.

This will ensure that the overall cost of travel reduces and there is minimum to no maintenance costs during the trip.

Why fuel-efficient cars?

Fuel-efficient cars are not just cost-effective but are also good for the environment. Hybrid and electric vehicles produce fewer emissions.

When renting a car you wouldn’t want to spend a major portion of your budget on fuel. Fuel-efficient cars can take half the stress away when travelling, especially in a foreign country.

A little planning before selecting your car rental provider and choosing the rental car can go a long way in determining how much money you can save on your trip. In a country like the Bahrain, it is always good to be on the right side of the environment.

The rough climate especially in the summer season can be a challenge. An eco-friendly vehicle in such a climate can help reduce the fatigue of travelling too. 

How can car rental agencies help?

You must rely on the best car rental agencies that can provide you with fuel-efficient cars for your trips. A little bit of common knowledge can go a long way.

Along with this, one can also look for agencies that have a long and varied fleet of cars that fits your budget and also provides you with fuel-efficient options.

For some of those who hire a car for rent, size and features may be the first choice they have to make. For others, affordability and fuel efficiency will be the primary decision to make.

Fuel efficiency may depend on various factors-

* Overall mileage provided by the car.
* Horsepower of the car.
* Does the car come with additional gears?
* Petrol vs. Diesel/ Electric/ Hybrid
* What is the size of the car?
* What additional features does the car come with?
* What is the make of the wheels?
* Does the car come with cruise control?
* Manual transmission vs. automatic transmission

An intelligent traveller can make the trade-off between these options based on his requirement for travel and also based on how many co-passengers there are on the trip.

More family members/friends/colleagues accompanying you on the trip means you may need more boot space and more comforts. Lesser co-passengers mean one can rely on a simple, small, and basic features vehicle only.

You need not go for a full option vehicle or add-ons and extras on the car if your need is limited and if these features do not help you whatsoever in your travel in the country during your period of stay.

Pre-planning for the trip can ensure one is aware of the options available for rent. Contact the car rental agency and during pre-booking, you can weigh your options and requirements.

Good car rental agencies can provide you with tips and act as a guide too. You can learn more about the Bahrain, the roads, the climate etc. from your car rental agent than from others.

Based on your requirements and budget the agent can suggest to you the ideal vehicle which can help in increasing your fuel efficiency and reducing the burden on your pocket.


Travelling within budget

If you wish to travel within a specific budget and increase your efficiency on the road you can ease off on the pedal.

Even with non-fuel-efficient cars, one can reduce the spending on fuel by running the car under a specific speed barrier and following basic guidelines like reducing the burden on the accelerator at regular intervals.

Secondly, look for all the options available at the rental agency and choose the one that fits the budget rather than looking to opt for all the comforts, some of which you may not require in the country or the climate that you are driving.

Planning your travel systematically and keeping on a proper schedule can also increase your cost efficiency. Small changes throughout the trip made thus, can make a sizeable difference in the long run.

Get the best tips on places you are planning to visit and easy travel routes from your car rental agency for reducing the time and distance travelled.

Also, a standard tip for all travellers, taking any form of transport is to travel light. Travelling light and with lesser luggage can help you choose a more fuel-efficient car that can help in keeping your budget in check.

In countries like the Bahrain, car rental agencies are changing the way people travel. Car rentals are becoming one of the most preferred forms of travel. Car rentals in Bahrain provides the most affordable and flexible choices for the customer.

Autorent allows a lot of freedom for the customer to design options around their requirements.

With a fleet of different cars, the customer can very easily talk to the agent and find which car to choose and what option to go for daily, weekly or monthly car rentals. Autorent also provides flexibility in choosing the most fuel-efficient cars.

The agents advise the customer on the best way to travel within the Bahrain to make the most out of the customer’s time on the road in the country. 

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