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Whether you need to provide your employees with a company car or need a specific fleet of vehicles to conduct business or improve logistics, leasing your vehicles may be the answer.


At Autorent, we offer a comprehensive range of car leasing deals for businesses and large corporations that are perfectly tailored to their needs. Our expertise means you can upgrade your company fleet without having to worry about your business bearing the financial costs associated with buying a new vehicle. Find the best leasing deal for your business, and with just a simple monthly payment get on the road with a new set of wheels.


Our corporate lease solutions allow you to change or extend your lease period, annual mileage, and initial payment so you always stay in control. We manage all the checks and legal paperwork and make every effort to take the hassle out of the entire leasing process so you can focus on driving your business forward. Choose from a wide range of economy-sized hatchbacks and sedans to luxury SUVs for convenient and affordable fleet management for your business.


Why choose leasing for business


- Road tax and insurance covered

Tax and insurance included for the entire length of the contract.


- Flexible duration

Choose between short-term and long-term lease based on your preference.


- Complete peace of mind

Free-of-charge round the clock roadside assistance and temporary replacement vehicle provided on location.


- Live the life

Drive a brand-new car with all the latest tech and safety features, plus free personal accident insurance.


- Go where business takes you

With your car holding an All-GCC travel permit, you never have to miss out on an important business meeting.

  • Hassle Free Car Rentals and Leasing!

    Daily, Weekly and Monthly Car rentals available.

  • Manage your bookings!

    You're in control of your booking.

  • Customer support available 24/7 throughout the GCC!

    Satisfaction of the customer is our number one priority.