Summer Drive in the UAE

1st September 2022

Summer Drive in the UAE

Summer in the UAE is a special experience. It is the time of holidays when spots are available for residents to explore without the buzz of tourists. And what better time of summer for this than September!

Winter is just around the corner and summer is already on its way out. This means the weather is perfect for that weekend road trip with friends and family.

Dubai has grown into the most futuristic city in the world where there are several places to visit. Driving through UAE is becoming an increasingly enjoyable experience. Rental cars are an affordable option if you wish to visit other Emirates.

Cheap rental cars in the UAE offer various flexible plans too. With a rental car, you can now, plan your holidays with some really exciting options in the UAE.

Desert Safari
Desert Safari is the most enticing thing to do when one thinks of the UAE. For driving enthusiasts, this is something that can only be experienced here. But, if you are driving a rental car you must be aware of any restrictions on taking rental cars off-road. Quad bikes available for desert safari could be used. An adventurous drive in the dunes in the summer is an enjoyable experience and a challenging one too. We recommend wearing seat belts and taking safety precautions.

Fujairah Adventures
If you love scuba diving Fujairah may be the place to go. With small towns located amidst desert and mountains, the place is a scenic wonder. This is a place of historic wonder where you explore the past and can enjoy snorkeling and getting up close with underwater marine life.

Zipping Across Jebel Jais
Jebel Jais is the tallest mountain in the UAE and also has the longest zip line in the world. That itself is the best recipe for an adventure-packed holiday. Mountains are 2000 metres above sea level. This place gives you an option to camp overnight. As the temperatures are a little lesser than in other places, this can be the perfect getaway from the hot summer too.

Al Ain World Heritage Site
The Al Ain UNESCO world heritage site has six oases, and several archaeological sites like Bida bint Saud, Hafeet, and Hili. If you are interested in history and culture, a long drive down to Al Ain can be an enriching experience, especially for young kids. The silence and calm ambience can be a break from the busy drive and city rush too.

Jebel Hafeet Views
While in Al Ain a perfect driving destination that can give you one of the most beautiful sunset views is Jebel Hafeet. This is the second highest peak in the UAE. While on the drive you can view the sunset from various points on the mountain road. This place is a perfect place to visit and camp/stay enjoying the drive to the top and back.

There are several driving destinations and long drive road stretches in and around the UAE that will give you and your road trip group a fulfilling journey.

Shopping, street walks, beach, corniches and theme parks make exploring the nooks and corners of UAE an enriching and memorable time.

With a rental car touching all these points and discovering new wonders is easier too. A cheap car rental in Dubai allows you to do this with ease.

A little planning and choosing the right rental car option can help you a lot in getting the most out of your trip to the UAE.

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